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Real Estate Services

Having more than 25 years of experience in Manalapan, and Palm Beach, Florida, HAP Realty knows the industry and all of the changes that have occurred over time. Our agents have the crucial knowledge to ensure your closing goes through in a timely manner while staying current on all the new rules and regulations. Whether you are looking for a spacious three-bedroom home, a convenient downtown commercial space, or someone to manage your properties, you're in good hands.


Rentals & Property Management

Eliminate the stress and hassle associated with rental property. HAP Realty in Lantana, Florida, works with real estate owners and renters from around the Manalapan region. Our company provides reliable property management that helps you avoid unnecessary headaches, while saving valuable time and resources. We take property management to a higher level by backing up our services with serious commitments.

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

From renovated offices to centrally located retail space, we'll help you find the perfect location. Finding a commercial space is tricky. One needs to consider demographics, saturation, zoning laws, and budget. Our agents offer you a key advantage; we have our finger on the pulse of the regional market and an insider's view of what properties are available. Our CEO is a proud member of the Investment Banking President's Club and is extremely familiar with the area. Contact us about any opportunities you would like to discuss.